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Macro Economic Telecine System (METS)


  1. PSU for stepper motors 15V to 25V 2A minimum DC e.g. laptop unit.
  2. PSU for LED supply 12V 1.5A minimum DC e.g. external HDD enclosure also used for 3 below.
  3. PSU for vane sensors 5V 300 mA DC e.g. external HDD enclosure.
  4. Stepper motors Astrosyn MY3488-02A
  5. Stepper motor drivers RoutoutCNC 2.5A units.
  7. LED current drivers. See LED constant current drivers diagram
  8. Slotted optical sensor.
  9. PIC 18F4550 sourced Crownhill Associates.
  10. PIC 40 pin development board from
  11. USB to serial converter cable. Amazon UK.
  12. USB cable to supply 5V only from PC to PIC.
  13. PIC programmer for initial programming of PIC.


  1. Windows XP SP3.
  2. Delphi 7 with DSPACK used to write integrated video capture and system control program.
  3. RSCOM.DLL by B. Kainka used to provide serial communication port for Delphi 7.
  4. Terminal program by B. Kainka to test communication interfaces.
  5. XNVIEW used for pixel measurements to aid mechanical alignment.
  6. WINDV used to aid manual focus adjustment during set-up.
  7. Proton Basic compiler used to generate the PIC hex code file.
  8. MCHP boot loader used for in place update of PIC programs.
  9. Test program to measure frame unsteadiness.
  10. Test program to measure video camera delay.
  11. Capture two images per film frame program to evaluate digital blending.

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